I got 99 problems…

and TU is one.

If you’re like me – and, God help you child if you are – you have a lot of problems. You have #whitegirlproblems, #princessprobz, #JAPdilemmas, #firstworldproblems, the list could go on. Well, let’s rejoice, fellow students, because a Twitter account has finally been dedicated to our biggest problem of all – TU problems.

Finally, there’s a place for all of us dissatisfied students to gripe about the condition of our campus, the train wreck so fondly referred to as Club Tech, Annie Weaves and, of course, the Hipsters.

The tweets are hilarious and oh-so-true. So the next time you find yourself around the corner from a shooting with no TU Alert in sight, don’t forget to tack on that #TUproblems hashtag at the end.