Craig: New Twitter brilliantly documents party hookups

Close your eyes for a second. Well, keep reading this, so don’t close your eyes. Never mind, just clear your mind for a moment.

Picture yourself in a filthy basement, your vision fuzzy and personal censor removed. Drenched in sweat, a remixed version of some top-40 hit is blasting so loud you can feel your eardrums trying to pop out of your skull.

Your friends are texting you frantically to come get Chinese food with them, but you’re a bit preoccupied. There’s no room in your mouth for General Tso’s chicken, because it’s currently being occupied by the tongue of someone you’ve just met. They taste like a combination of flat keg beer and cigarettes, but that doesn’t stop you from groping and necking like the world is about to end and this is the last person you’ll ever have any intimate interaction with again.

Chances are, you’ve been in this situation before. A party, a dance, a random hookup; most have enjoyed  – or regretted, depending on who you ask – the occasional consequence of party life on a college campus.

Yet no worries, because this embarrassing display is just a moment lost in time, a brief footnote in the history of your college career to laugh about the next morning. Right?

Wrong. So, so wrong. Because an incredible new Twitter account, @TempleMakeouts, is documenting these scenes from the underbelly of Temple’s weekend nights, and you’re only a friend’s iPhone away from being exposed to almost 2,000 followers for your actions.

“If someone doesn’t want to be put on @TempleMakeouts, they have to realize we have created a campus-wide social networking game on the weekends,” said one of the six admins for @TempleMakeouts, who all remain anonymous, “People go out targeting to submit pictures of people getting freaky on the dance floor.”

That’s right, partygoers. Watch out, because @TempleMakeouts is the new social equalizer. It doesn’t matter who you are, because the camera shows no mercy. @TempleMakeouts gives us the gritty portrayal of a side of Temple that you won’t find in the school brochure; a beautiful canvas filled with brief encounters of lust and substance fueled acts of desire. And I can’t get enough of it.

For a longer commentary piece on @TempleMakeouts, check out the Opinion section of the March 19 issue of The Temple News.

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I got 99 problems…

and TU is one.

If you’re like me – and, God help you child if you are – you have a lot of problems. You have #whitegirlproblems, #princessprobz, #JAPdilemmas, #firstworldproblems, the list could go on. Well, let’s rejoice, fellow students, because a Twitter account has finally been dedicated to our biggest problem of all – TU problems.

Finally, there’s a place for all of us dissatisfied students to gripe about the condition of our campus, the train wreck so fondly referred to as Club Tech, Annie Weaves and, of course, the Hipsters.

The tweets are hilarious and oh-so-true. So the next time you find yourself around the corner from a shooting with no TU Alert in sight, don’t forget to tack on that #TUproblems hashtag at the end.

Adios @TUCoachAlGolden

For those of you on Twitter instead of studying for finals, there’s one less person you’ll find in the Twitter-sphere: Al Golden. After an announcement that Temple’s head coach has accepted a deal to become the head coach of the University of Miami’s football team, it seems @TUCoachAlGolden no longer exists (Don’t believe us? http://twitter/tucoachalgolden). In other news: @BillCosby is only following five people on Twitter now.

Sending secrets via the Web

In honor of Frank Warren, the creator of online phenomenon PostSecrets, coming to the Baptist Temple Thursday, Oct. 14, The Temple News wants to know your PostSecrets, tech-style. Direct Message @TheTempleNews on Twitter, e-mail us at or just comment on this blog post with your never-before-told secrets. We won’t blast your secrets all over Main Campus with your name attached, but we will blast your secrets all over The Temple News without your name. After all, the best secrets slip out when you don’t have to own up to them.