Local school holds performance on flash mobs

Tonight through Saturday, the Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter school will be performing its original show, “PHLash: A Mob Story.” Described as a Greek chorus-style performance, the play will feature words from those affected by flash mobs – from victims to police officers, Occupiers and fellow children.

An article on Philly.com described how the students of Boys’ Latin view any involvement with flash mobs with disdain.

“You must be really bored if you want to attack random people, especially at this age,” said Myles Hinsey, 15, said to Philly.com reporter Molly Eichel. “Do your homework. Play a video game. Do something.”

According to Boys’ Latin’s Theatre Department website, “PHLash: A Mob Story” presents various points-of-view surrounding the flash mob phenomenon, and discusses the “power of people to enlighten, entertain and terrorize through assembly.”

Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door for students.

Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter

5501 Cedar Avenue  Phila., PA


“Whatchu Want, Daddy?” and other TU-related memes take Facebook by storm

Been on Facebook recently? Yeah, don’t lie, we know you have. But if you’re among those few and far between diligent students who actually studies (psh), then let The Temple News fill you in on the meme-frenzy that’s filling up our Facebook feeds and making us double over in laughter.

Following a growing trend of college-specific memes, Temple students hopped on Photoshop (or Paint, as some of them look) and went to town, logging Main Campus’ colloquialisms, complaints and inside jokes. For more Cherry & White memes, hit control+T and type in “Facebook.” Or, hop on the bandwagon and create your own. There’s a whole world of squirrel memes yet to be explored.

Lose the roommate, win a prize

Earlier today, Gawker posted a competition for all readers, roommates and resentful ex’s to submit their worst roommate stories in return for a prize. According to the writer, your prize could be a super-tricked out million dollar apartment or a slightly-expensive bottle of booze. Either way, good deal!

But, don’t get your twin sheets in a jumble just yet, my sweet cooped-up cohabitants; there are some rules:

  • Roommate stories must be submitted as a comment to the post; click here to sign up if you’re not already.
  • Stories must be about roommates, not family members or significant others.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • Submit by noon, Thursday Jan. 26.
  • For the full contest rules, click here.

Calling all grammar geeks:

It has arrived! The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Oh wait, no, people still misuse they’re/their/there and incorrectly punctuate their sentences. They’re sentences? Whatever.

I digress. AP Style has released new T-shirts for sale on its website so you and all your journalism junkies and radio roadies can coordinate at the next Comma-Con. And for $18, this wouldn’t make a bad Halloween costume, either.

Light mast planted on North Broad Street

On your daily route to and from class (psh, who are we kidding?), you’re sure to have stumbled upon a giant light tube, strongly resembling a cross between a mosquito light and giant humidifier. If not, stop looking at the sidewalk when you walk.

Either way, this giant bug-humidifier is actually neither; it’s an Avenue of the Arts Light Mast and it’s just the first of many to be installed in North Philly.

According to University Communications, these light tubes are a part of the Avenue of the Arts Streetscape Enhancement Project.

To see a time lapse of the installation, click here.

FMA alumnus to direct new film

Dan Trachtenberg, a 2003 film and media arts alumnus, was recently hired by Universal Studios to direct “Crime of the Century,” a science fiction/action flick not to be confused by a TV movie of the same name about the Lindberg kidnapping, produced in 1996.

According to the School of Communications and Theater, this is Trachtenberg’s first time directing a feature-length film. His prior directorial experience includes a short film, “Portal: No Escape,” which was the second highest rated video in the film and animation section on Youtube.

Bill Clinton to visit North Broad Street

With the upcoming election around the corner, College Democrats are hosting a rally in support of Mayor Michael Nutter with former President Bill Clinton as a special guest.

The rally will be held in Mitten Hall on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 2:30 p.m., and is open to all students.

For more information, all interested are encouraged to attend the upcoming College Democrats meetings, the dates and locations of which can be found here.

Caller provides tips to newsroom

Today at approximately 3:00 p.m., Brian Dzenis, editor-in-chief of The Temple News, received a phone call from a woman named “Angela Philly,” who offered Mr. Dzenis new insight into the inner goings-on of Temple, Philadelphia and the U.S. Government.

Some talking points include:

  • Babies are being scanned and radiated;
  • Temple students are plotting an armed takeover of the surrounding community;
  • The School of Engineering practices bestiality; one engineer had sex with an antelope (and some more unintelligible fluff about deer sperm);
  • The flash mobs in Philly are actually caused by sound waves, which only Temple students can hear;
  • The police want a homeless woman to perform a precision stabbing;
  • We are actually eating cloned pigs; and
  • Homeless people are stabbing each other.

According to Ms. Philly, she is a banker and used to work in the newspaper industry.

For verification of these facts, or to hear about President Obama taking pictures through laptops, contact Ms. Philly at 215.769.8233

The Temple News does not confirm nor deny these allegations. We are currently investigating their validity.

Urinetown comes to town

On Friday, Oct. 7, Temple Theaters posted its final promotional video for the fall musical “Urinetown,” in anticipation of its upcoming opening. The show opens on Friday, Oct. 14 and runs through Oct. 30. Admission ranges from $10-$25, and can be purchased at Tomlinson Theater’s box office on Norris Street between Liacouras walk and 13th Street, or online at templetheaters.ticketleap.com.

Eagles activate Jarrett

For the first time since signing with the Eagles, former student Jaiquawn Jarrett has been activated for play today for the first time since joining in light of several players inactivity. Brooklyn-native Jarrett has an edge over corner Curtis Marsh, from Utah State, according to coach Andy Reid.

The Birds currently lead the game against the San Francisco 49ers at 23-17 with just 9:30 left in the 4th quarter.