Philadelphia police beating as bad as Rodney King?

You’ve heard it by now.

Fox 29 captured an 11-minute video following a Philadelphia police chase that ended with officers punching and kicking three men, suspected of a drive-by shooting minutes prior Monday night.

In case you’re smart enough to avoid cable news, you might not realize that the story is being recycled again and again each news hour with new perspectives with the same information. Here’s the footage discussed with a New York City lawyer on CNN.

[youtube: 350 292]

Yesterday the Rev. Al Sharpton, as you could have bet he would, chimed in, calling the beating “worse than Rodney King,” referring to the 1991 beating of King by Los Angeles police.

In case you don’t realize how ridiculous that assertion is, here’s the notorious Rodney King footage. Truly it’s graphic.

[youtube: 350 292]

Listen to NPR’s coverage here.

Tough week for the city’s police, who had to deal with Saturday’s fatal shooting of 12-year veteran Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, after he responded to a robbery at a bank inside a Port Richmond supermarket.