Temple owns world by transitive property

As posted here earlier, Hillary Clinton will be on Main Campus today, at a rally in McGonigle Hall at 6 p.m.

With Pennsylvania’s April 22nd primary looming, and Philadelphia acting as the state’s political launching pad, both Clinton and her opponent Barack Obama have opened offices and are looking for every edge here in the Quaker City.

In a city with oodles of college voters, be prepared for lots of attention. In doing so, I came upon some unshakeable math.temple-pa.JPG

Temple voters can swing Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania will likely decide the Democratic nominee, and therefore the future of the United States history.us-world.JPG

The course of U.S. policy clearly has a direct affect on the world around us.templeworld.JPG

Thusly, the future of this planet is in the hands of Temple University.

That’s called the transitive property, folks.