Author attempts to channel Martin Luther King, Jr. during lecture

Juan WilliamsJuan Williams, a renowned author and a senior correspondent for National Public Radio, isn’t the first person to invoke the spirit of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. while attempting to make a point about human relations. And, in all likelihood, he won’t be the last.

In an exclusive “Online Only” article, Temple News reporter Ashley Truxon writes about a lecture Williams gave yesterday at Paley Library where he addressed, among other topics, race relations.

During his speech, Williams asserted that if Dr. King were alive today he would feel disappointment and confusion regarding many modern-day issues. Later, Williams spoke under the guise of Dr. King:

“People may have thought that I was dead, but the people who are really dead are people that don’t stand for anything, that don’t stand up and let their voices be heard.”

Needless to say, Williams’ imitation probably wasn’t considered as controversial as another, more notorious representation of the civil rights leader.

(Photo courtesy of the American Library Association.)