Make some waves with Make A Rising this Sunday.

Nothing to do this Sunday? Don’t drink too much Saturday night: hanging out in a cold river in a lizard suit doesn’t sound like the best way to treat a hangover to me. It does, however, sound like quite a bit of fun. West Philly’s own avant-garde chamber rock band Make A Rising posted the following bulletin for their MySpace friends yesterday:

“We need 30 people to help us take the photo for our 2nd album! If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to spend a good chunk of the day in the Wissahickon River in a lizard costume, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, or passing through a doorway to other realms, then please e-mail me with your contact info A.S.A.P!”

Those interested should send their e-mail address and phone number to This is your chance for underground music scene stardom, kids, seize it like you seized the opportunity to seizure at the Justice show (and look out for a review of that soon, right here on Broad and Cecil).