Update on Friday night shooting near HSC

Police are still investigating the events concerning a TU Alert sent out around 6 p.m. Friday, after a man entered Temple University Hospital wounded in both legs and carrying a firearm.

The man, 23, had been shot three times in his right leg and twice in his left but is in stable condition, said Charlie Leone, executive director of Campus Safety Services.

The report filed by the shooter, however, claims only one shot was fired, Leone wrote in an email Saturday.

The shooter, a 24-year-old man, had been sitting in his car with his girlfriend earlier that evening near the intersection of Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue when an argument ensued between the man and a group of men outside his vehicle, including the victim.

The shooter told Philadelphia Police he fired one shot when he feared the victim was going to rob him, and then called 911 from the McDonalds parking lot across the street.

“I think there’s more to the story, and we’re just going to keep digging at it and come to a conclusion,” Leone said, adding different accounts can lead to inaccurate information at the beginning of an investigation.

“When witnesses start talking to you, it’s amazing how five different people can have five different accounts of what happened,” he said. “Humans are humans … there’s some intentional information left out and there’s some information left out because people see things differently.”

Leone said the alert was sent out to students as a precaution because at the time, there was no description of the shooter and Temple Police “didn’t want to take a chance.”

When they are first alerted to crime, Temple Police determine any injuries or students involved, then check the crime scene and send people to the hospital if necessary. The last step is to send out a TU Alert, which usually has a predetermined message with time and location.

Julie Christie can be reached at julie.christie@temple.edu or on Twitter @ChristieJules.