No Big East announcement today

Temple does not expect to make any kind of announcement on its future with the Big East today, according to Assistant Vice President of University Communications Ray Betzner.

Multiple sources reported that Temple could announce that it would join the conference as at least a football member for the 2012 season, with the option of adding all other sports for 2013, before the Big East men’s basketball tournament starts on Tuesday.

Betzner said the university does not expect anything definitive to come out today.

The Big East will meet on Wednesday to discuss its future with football and possibly vote on Temple’s all-sports membership. The conference targeted the university to fill the spot as the eighth football team for the 2012 season after West Virginia negotiated an early exit from the Big East, effective this upcoming year.

The executive committee of Temple’s board of trustees met last Wednesday, Feb. 29, to “discuss contracts,” according to Betzner after an athletics committee meeting was canceled.

Betzner couldn’t specify as to what was accomplished by the meeting, but multiple media outlets reported that Temple and the Big East had reached a verbal agreement two days later.

The contracts that were discussed last week could have been the legal issues that have to be worked out among Temple, the Mid-American Conference and the Atlantic Ten Conference.

Temple plays football in the MAC and all other sports, save gymnastics, in the A-10. To leave the MAC with less than a year’s notice would cost the university at least $2.5 million. If Temple were to join the Big East for all sports next season, the exit fee would be $2 million for the A-10.

If Temple has negotiated those contracts and the Big East members vote on the university’s membership Wednesday, a definitive announcement on Temple’s future with the conference could come this week.