Rumors: Chelsea Clinton is coming to Temple on Friday


A source close to Temple College Democrats has told The Temple News that the group has secured an appearance by Chelsea Clinton, famed daughter of Presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton. In coordination with the Pennsylvania Federation of College Democrats, Temple College Democrats is set to host Chelsea this Friday at 6 p.m. The location is tentatively set for the Great Court of Mitten Hall, the source said.

Hillary already came to Temple, as reported by The Temple News

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though her primary opponent, Barack Obama, despite stops throughout Philadelphia, hasn’t, nor has Independent Ralph Nader. Read on with the apparent love affair The Temple News has with the Clintons by checking out our coverage of Bill Clinton’s stop at the University of Pennsylvania in February. Mayor Michael Nutter has more than thrown his support behind the lady Clinton.

Also, be convinced that Chelsea is hot. Seriously. If you don’t like politics, go to the event to just try throw her your infatuation with her good looks. It is all about physical appearance.

Photo courtesy of Hill Buzz