Extremely Shaky Video of Your Temple Owls

shakeitup.jpgCourtesy of TTN reporter Jeff “Steady Hand” Appelblatt, here is a video that captures the essence of the Temple men’s basketball team as the enter the Draught Horse Sunday evening to watch CBS’ Selection Sunday broadcast.

Temple recieved a No. 12 seed in the South region and will take on No. 5 Michigan State in the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colo. in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

Anyway, while you use Facebook to try to figure out exactly how you’re going to get to Denver for Thursday’s game, you can watch this video, in which you’ll see the following things after the Kris Kross:

You will see Luis Guzman.

You will catch a glimpse of Lavoy Allen.

You will see the Draught Horse ceiling.

You will see the lights of the Draught Horse ceiling.

You will see the floor of the Draught Horse.

You will see all of the above (except for the first two) and you will see them often.

Also, count how many times the phrase, “How’s it goin’?” is uttered. According to my calculations, it is said exactly 14,000 times. (If I never would’ve gotten so into Ambien, I could’ve been a math major.)

Enough beating around the bush. Enjoy this edtion of the The Blair Owl Project.


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