TSG holds weekly meeting on Cosby resignation, winter weather preparedness

Temple Student Government’s general assembly meeting convened Monday evening to discuss safety and winter weather preparedness and the resignation of trustee Bill Cosby.

Sarah Powell, director of emergency management, presented the assembly with tips for remaining safe. Powell emphasized campus resources like the walking escort program and encouraged students to think ahead for “everyday readiness.”

“Just remember that you’re thinking from the bottom up,” Powell said.

The TUmobile app and Temple’s social media supplies users with up-to-date information about emergencies on campus.

The Resident Housing Association is petitioning to bring gender-neutral housing to campus. A pilot program for gender-neutral housing will be in place for the Fall 2015 semester.

Ray Smeriglio, student body president, announced that Bill Cosby resigned from Temple’s board of trustees. Smeriglio read Cosby’s statement and Temple’s reply to the assembly.

“I have always been proud of my association with Temple University,” Cosby’s statement read. “I have always wanted to do what would be in the best interests of the university and its students. As a result, I have tendered my resignation from the Temple University Board of Trustees,” Cosby said in a statement released by the university.

The dance competition “Battle on Broad” will be on Dec. 9 at the Temple Performing Arts Center. Proceeds will benefit cancer research.
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TSG discusses amending Constitution, community service in weekly meeting

On Monday night, Temple Student Government’s general assembly met to discuss community service opportunities, askattendees for suggestions in dining changes, and announce the amendment process to the TSG Constitution.

TSG’s General Auditor Camille Bell will review the organization’s Constitution. The changes will be voted upon after fall break and must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the general assembly.

One of the potential changes includes a removal of  Section 3 of the constitution, which authorizes the use of TSG funds by the organization’s Officers. All the amendments will be posted on TSG’s website.

“We want to be transparent,” Bell said. “We want to show that we’re not doing anything behind [the assembly’s] back.”

Committees discussed issues within Temple, including possible changes to dining services. Students suggested improvements in Sodexo employees’ customer service, longer operating hours for retail locations like Cosi and the vendors in Morgan Hall, and lower prices and better quality food at the Student Center food court.

Community service opportunities were announced, including the Children’s Holiday Party on Dec. 7 at the Liacouras Center. Volunteers are needed for the event, as well as for wrapping presents prior to the day.

The Battle on Broad Street will be on Dec. 9. The dance battle will be to raise money for the Lucy Fund, the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

The Student Organizations of the Week were Kappa Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Theta. The two organizations collected 250 water bottles in their water drive last week.

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Attendees at TSG meeting offer opinions on TU Alerts, dining options

On Monday afternoon, Temple Student Government surveyed attendees at its weekly meeting with a poll via text message. Students were asked about possible improvements in TU Alerts and dining options.

In light of this weekend’s incident in which a Temple student was shot, participants of the poll expressed concerns about TU Alerts. Students suggested faster response times from both the Philadelphia and Temple police, and greater Temple Police presence at late hours.

The poll also surveyed ideas for possible improvements to Temple’s dining choices. Healthier options like more fruit, vegetarian meals and adding a Saladworks on Main Campus campus were popular opinions. Later hours for the dining area in the lower level of Morgan Hall and the food court at the Student Center were also suggested.

During the next week, TSG is filming organizations taking a pledge as part of the It’s On Us campaign, which seeks to keep people safe from sexual assault.

There are around $80,600 available in allocations for events, and it was announced at the meeting that organizations must apply by Thursday to be considered.

The Organization of the Week was Hootathon, which raised more than $119,000 this past weekend for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The organization is also expanding its executive team and is seeking applications.

TSG is considering applications for a new elections commissioner and auditor.

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TSG discusses sexual assault in weekly meeting

On Monday afternoon, the Temple Student Government general body meeting assembled to discuss Temple’s efforts to prevent sexual misconduct on campus.

Ray Smeriglio, student body president, announced an executive update about the university’s steps towards creating a safer environment for students.

Climate surveys have been sent by email to students to gauge how individuals feel about their personal safety on campus. Students have also been asked to join focus groups to discuss issues like sexual misconduct.

“[These] will give a snapshot of what it’s like to be a Temple student here,” Smeriglio said. “Temple is at the forefront of addressing the problem off the bat.”

Smeriglio also said that executive leadership from TSG went to Washington, D.C. to speak with government staff about handling the national issue of sexual violence.

President Barack Obama launched the campaign in September to recognize, identify and intervene when sexual misconduct is occurring.

TSG hopes to launch It’s On Us on campus and include the Temple community in taking the pledge.

Committee meetings discussed various issues of the week, including the election. Government Affairs stressed the importance of voting and considered the reasons why college students typically have a low voter turnout.

Jalen Blot, director of campus life and diversity, announced that a TUnity committee will be created. TUnity was the diversity event held on Oct. 28 at the Bell Tower.

“The TUnity committee is being assembled to make sure that the movement grows and that the campus has ambassadors for it to continue to grow and reach out to other students with different perspectives,” Blot said in an email.

The student organization of the week was the Temple Vietnamese Student Association for a successful Miss Temple Asia pageant last weekend. The Vietnamese Student Association will also be holding a Mr. Temple Asia pageant in the spring semester.

This Saturday is the global day of service as well as the last “Adopt-A-Block” opportunity for the fall semester.

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TSG discusses library and related programs at weekly meeting

The Temple Student Government general assembly convened in the Student Center on Monday afternoon to discuss additions to academic resources on Main Campus.

Steven Bell, an associate university librarian, discussed the new library that is scheduled to open in 2018.

“I do see that it can be a challenge for students to find good study space [and] good computing space,” Bell said. “We lack many of the amenities that allow students to be successful in the 21st century.”

Bell also mentioned the Alternative Textbook Project, which provides grants to 10 faculty members per semester to replace textbooks with alternative material for their courses. The goal is to save students money on textbooks.

“The amount of open material is increasing and [there is] leverage in library content and other open material,” Bell said.

Bell also emphasized the current resources the Paley Library offers such as one-on-one research assistance from librarians and the reservation system for study rooms.

“The library is not just books on shelves and chairs to study in,” Bell said.

The Paley Library will have a gaming room on the third floor, which is in coordination with the gaming club at Temple.

A Digital Scholarship Program System will also be available on Paley’s lower level in the Spring 2015 semester.

“[The system] is an intersection of computerization and humanities,” Bell said. “It teaches undergraduates how to do research in humanities and the social sciences.”

Trustees will vote on the design of the new library next month.

Bell also discussed a quad to be built near the Bell Tower after the demolition of Barton and Beury halls. He said that all the academic services will be around the one quad space.

“I think the design will be amazing for our campus,” Bell said. “I believe there will be nothing else quite like it.”

The TUnity release event will be at 7 p.m. tonight at the Bell Tower. Students will be able to endorse the statement with the laptops and iPads that will be provided.

The Student Organization of the Week was Delta Phi Epsilon. The sorority raised around $16,000 through the fundraiser D for Dude, which benefitted the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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TSG discusses new library

Temple Student Government hosted committee meetings at its general assembly meeting Monday afternoon in the Student Center.

The Student Affairs committee discussed the new library that will be opening in Fall 2018. For this project, Barton and Beury halls will be deconstructed, beginning with Beury this summer.  Barton Hall will become the new library and Beury Hall will become green space as an extension of Beury Beach.

Classes located in Barton and Beury halls are relocating to the new SERC building.

Sally Abbas, committee director for student affairs, asked students at the meeting for potential ideas or improvements for the new library. Students made suggestions that included having a “quiet zone,” investing in inviting decor and cozy furniture, having more printers and electrical outlets for laptops, opening a cafe in the building and having 24-hour availability.

Abbas said the Paley Library building will still be used, but instead of being a library, it may become additional classroom space.

Erika Firestone, director of grounds and sustainability, outlined the upcoming activities for Campus Sustainability Week, which is this week. Upcoming events include a presentation by Community Energy, the company that installed solar panels at the Edberg-Olson practice facility.

The Student Organization of the Week was Her Campus Temple, which ran an all-male pageant for the title of “Mr. Temple.”

A preliminary version of the TUnity Statement, which is about diversity and inclusion of all students regardless of their characteristics, has been on TSG’s website for about two weeks, Jalen Blot, director of campus life and diversity, said.  Blot said this Friday he will conduct a final review of the statement before its launch event on Oct. 28.

Another upcoming TSG event is the “Adopt-a-Block” Day this Saturday.

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TSG announces support system for athletes of cut teams

At Monday’s General Assembly meeting, Temple Student Government introduced a plan to help student-athletes affected by the upcoming sports cuts.

Ray Smeriglio, TSG communications director, presented an overview of a new section of TSG’s website, which has features for affected student-athletes and students who want to support the sports that are slated to be cut.

The website has information for athletes who plan to transfer or to stay at Temple, including scholarship and financial aid resources, emotional and psychological aid and career help.

“We wanted to give them something to make the process easier,” Smeriglio said.

Additionally, Student Body President Darin Bartholomew announced a campaign to support affected student-athletes and their sports teams in the coming months. The university-wide Owl Days will be a partnership between TSG and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and will provide transportation for students to attend games. So far, dates have been set for rowing and crew, tennis, track and field, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and fencing.

Bartholomew said TSG has never before made a push for student support the sports, which normally see much lower attendance numbers than the university’s most popular sports, basketball and football.

“We hope to see tailgates at every event,” said Brooklin White, president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and a member of the softball team.

Also at the meeting, TSG reminded students to attend Owls on the Hill Day on April 29. In the wake of Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposal to keep funding for Temple and other state-related universities at the same level as last year, Bartholomew said it’s important to consistently have a presence at the capitol and keep Temple’s needs in the minds of state legislators.

Captain Eileen Bradley of Campus Safety Services made an offer to all student organizations interested in talking about safety. For free, a team from CSS will make a short presentation on some of their lesser-known resources available to students, including a walk-in escort program and “to your door” shuttle services.

Student government meeting of Nov. 18

New dining hours on-campus and a new student committee were the main announcements at the Temple Student Government general assembly meeting Nov. 18 in room 200c of the Student Center.

Temple’s Student Body President Darin Bartholomew announced that hours at Così, a Sodexo-run dining location in Pearson-McGonigle Hall, would be extended. Bartholomew said there are more dining hour changes to come in the future as part of efforts by TSG.

Andrew Salciunas introducing himself as the newly appointed director of the Committee of Recruitment and Retention. Salciunas encouraged students interested in joining the committee to contact him at andrew.salciunas@temple.edu.

Starting the director announcements, Director of Campus Life and Diversity Evan Raines asked the audience of roughly 200 if they would be interested in a new living learning community. After a sizable show of hands of those interested in the idea and lack of opposition, Raines said he concluded he would go ahead with planning the implementation of the idea.

Afterwards, Director of Local and Community Affairs Morgan Jenkins discussed the Temple Annual Christmas Party, a celebration held with CSS for the general public in the Liacouras Center on Dec. 8 at 9 p.m.

Jenkins said she is interested in bringing in student groups to the event, particularly performance groups. She asked that interested groups contact her at morgan.jenkins@temple.edu.

Thomas Montalbano, co-chairman of allocations, announced that of the $117,000 in allocation money for student organizations at the beginning of the year, roughly $58,000 is left.

The meeting came to a close after the open forum and organization announcements.

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Theobald to speak at next TSG meeting

Next Monday’s Temple Student Government General Assembly meeting will feature Temple’s new chief in the second meeting of the semester.

As reported by TTN’s Laura Detter, TSG Student Body President David Lopez said Monday, Jan. 28, that President Neil Theobald will be speaking to the General Assembly during the Feb. 4, meeting. Lopez said Theobald should be at the meeting for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Check back with The Temple News next week for complete coverage of Theobald’s first stop to TSG.

Temple Advocating Progress secures TSG executive office


Temple Advocating Progress has secured the executive office of Temple Student Government for 2012-13.

An announcement on the TSG Twitter verified the ticket’s victory.

TAP beat out opponent RUN TEMPLE. The ticket consists of David Lopez, TSG student body president, Ofo Ezeugwu, vice president of external affairs, and Julian Hamer for vice president of services.

Check back with temple-news.com for a longer piece on the results of the 2012 TSG executive election.