News in brief: 3.29 Issue


Drew Katz and Melissa Silver filed a wrongful-death lawsuit over the May 31, 2014 plane crash that killed their father, the former Inquirer owner and Temple trustee Lewis Katz, and six others in Bedford, Massachusetts.

The case was filed in Suffolk County Court March 16. Eight defendants are listed, including Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, the aircraft manufacturer.

The Inquirer reported the family is seeking damages of more than $250 million, but stated that the exact amount will be determined at trial.

The suit claims that negligence and “manufacturing and/or designing a defective product” are at fault for the fatal crash, the Inquirer reported.

The Boston Globe reported the complaint stated that the two pilots, James McDowell and Bauke “Mike” de Vries, failed to disengage the gust lock before takeoff. The gust lock keeps the controls in place while the plane is parked, but can cause issues when the plane takes off.

The McDowell and DeVries estates are also listed as defendants in the case.

Additionally, the Boston Globe reported that the complaint stated a Rockwell Collins Inc. pin that secured the gust lock handle was found to be “substandard.”

-Lian Parsons


Activists organized by Cambria Advisory Group marched through North Philadelphia on Saturday to combat the recent spike in violence in the neighborhood.

In the area around Broad and Somerset streets, there were two deaths and two shootings in three days.

During the past month alone, the neighborhood near the intersection of Broad and Somerset streets has experienced 54 violent crimes.

Last Wednesday, there were 10 people shot throughout Philadelphia, mutiple news outlets reported.

There have been 62 homicides in the city as of Monday night, the highest total at this point of the year since 2012, police statistics show.

-Jonathan Gilbert