‘Eyes around Temple’ Facebook group created after armed robberies

After a TU Alert was sent out Friday, Dec. 10 and today informing students of four armed robberies that occurred in off-campus housing, “Toast McButter” created a Facebook group to raise awareness. The group already has 403 attendees. The following is an excerpt from the “more info” section:

“You are all probably aware of the INCREASED CRIME occurring around the off campus part of Temple University. I have lived off campus for 3 years and this year is by far the worst.

“…The economy is DOWN hard and when it is crime is UP. I am tired of hearing TEMPLE STUDENTS being robbed and assaulted. We are not targets, We need to stand together to help one another.

“Some people say it’s our fault for living off campus, but last time I checked this was AMERICA and we can live wherever we please. For most it’s not even an option with Temple having so little on campus housing( <— Big Issue).”

If you or someone you know was affected by the recent armed robberies, please contact news@temple-news.com.