“Whatchu Want, Daddy?” and other TU-related memes take Facebook by storm

Been on Facebook recently? Yeah, don’t lie, we know you have. But if you’re among those few and far between diligent students who actually studies (psh), then let The Temple News fill you in on the meme-frenzy that’s filling up our Facebook feeds and making us double over in laughter.

Following a growing trend of college-specific memes, Temple students hopped on Photoshop (or Paint, as some of them look) and went to town, logging Main Campus’ colloquialisms, complaints and inside jokes. For more Cherry & White memes, hit control+T and type in “Facebook.” Or, hop on the bandwagon and create your own. There’s a whole world of squirrel memes yet to be explored.

Club TECH goes viral

According to the TECH Center’s Wikipedia page, Main Campus’ technological hub – and frequent finals week hot-spot – bears similarities to Azkaban, the fictional prison in the “Harry Potter” saga. According to the page:

“…[The] TECH Center has been gaining a reputation as an instrument of torture for students of all majors. Comparisons have been made to Azkaban, in which one can feel their soul being sucked out as they spend endless sleepless nights pouring over the computers and books.”

The page continues to cite the TECH Center as a popular location for studying, and has become colloquially referred to as “CLub TECH.”

The next time your professor says Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, pull up this entry and prove him or her wrong.

Bird Lost in Tech Center

Early Sunday afternoon, students were welcomed back to the TECH Center by a flying, feathery friend.

A small bird was sighted today in the lobby of the center and in Starbucks. According to a member of the maintenance staff, the bird has be stuck in the building for about a week; it has survived by scavenging for food in trashcans on various floors.

There is currently no plan to save the small bird, as it is unable to remain in one spot long enough to be captured and released outside. According to a Starbucks employee, the bird perches on high ledges in the lobby, then swoops down and crashes into windows, thinking he can get outside.

A late-night delight

On my way home tonight, I stopped at the Insomnia Cookies truck to pick up some fuel for the long night of essay-writing ahead of me. The new cookie truck, located on Montgomery Ave. outside of the Student Center, is open until 2:30 a.m. and will even deliver its baked, buttery goodness until 2:15 a.m.

Yet tonight, to my dismay, there was a sign taped to the truck that suggested I come back at 9:35, as it was out of cookies.

I can’t lie – I was upset. But if the cookies are selling out, at least I know they must be pretty decent. And I’m sure I’ll be more than thankful the next time I’m scrounging through the leftover graham crackers and madeleines at Starbucks during a late night at the TECH Center.

Look for more info on the new Insomnia Cookies truck in next week’s issue of The Temple News.