At the ‘crotch of campus,’ the Bell Tower could be a wind turbine

Check out Lauren Gruber’s take on why the Bell Tower is “that erect ugly phallus sitting in the crotch of campus,” and how it could power up to 400 homes if it were used as a wind turbine rather than a fake bell-chiming slab of concrete.

Gruber’s case that it would make campus more sustainable and save Temple money could perk the ears of President Ann Weaver Hart and her “commitment to sustainability.”

If your umbrella had your heart…

…when it was shielding you from the raindrops yesterday, but broke your heart when it flipped over, broke and left you soggy, don’t be bitter: Donate your dead (and unkind) umbrellas to the Dead Umbrella Drive tomorrow, April 1, in the Student Center atrium at 1 p.m. Hosted by Students for Environmental Action and the Office of Sustainability, the broken umbrellas will be recycled and donated to the ReyclingZychal Shop, which uses the materials to make raincoats for dogs and cats and is based right here out of Philadelphia. For more information, e-mail If you can’t stay dry because the U.S. has horrible umbrella-makers, at least someone’s pooch can.