You Should Always be Camera-Ready…

…especially if you’re front row at a game that’s being broadcast on ESPN.

Case and point: Sophomore Cherry Crusader, Charlotte Jacobson.

This is what our cameras caught,

Charlotte cheering for the Owls while they have the lead.

Still in the lead, Charlotte has nothing to do but smile.

…And this is what ESPN’s camera’s caught

After Temple's loss to Penn State Charlotte forgets the game is being broadcast on national television.

Don’t let this happen to you! Remember, someone’s always watching…

Buffalo anyone?

You might just be coming back for the Linc, all soaked and depressed, or you might be finding this out for the first time. Heck, you might have been the one person who has ESPNU and watched the game on TV (featuring TTN’s own Asst. Sports Editor Anthony Stipa making a guest appearance on the broadcast).

The Owls lost 12-9 in a real ugly game.

Lucky for me, I was in the press box and the weather wasn’t a factor. For those of you that braved the conditions to watch the game, feel free to drop a comment about the experience of sitting through a more than three hour football game in a tropical storm.

It would have all been worth it had the Owls won, but much like last year, the officials just didn’t seem to want it to happen.

The chain gang’s botched handling of the Dy’Onne Crudup holding call in overtime might not have made a difference, but who knows. A first-and-four means a free shot at the end zone, maybe the Owls capitalize and then we’re going to a second overtime.

Maybe not.

Either way, the football team is 1-1 on the young season and opens up conference play next week as they visit Buffalo.

Anyone making the trip? It’s only seven hours away! Who’s with me?