Temple education programs insufficient, says one report.

A national review of elementary and secondary college programs by the National Council on Teacher Quality has given both of Temple’s programs a mediocre rating in their 2013 review.

The undergraduate elementary program received two out of four stars , and the undergraduate secondary education program received two and a half..

While the undergraduate program received a lower score, it placed higher proportionally, scoring in the 70th percentile our of 594 programs. Temple’s secondary program placed within the 65th percentile out of 606 programs.

The NCTQ rated programs based on four categories: selection criteria, content preparation, professional skills, and outcomes.

New dean for College of Education

The university announced yesterday the hiring of the new dean for the College of Education, the third of six dean appointments expected this year.

Gregory Anderson, the dean of Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver since 2009, will officially take over his new role on July 1.

Prior to his tenure in Denver, Anderson held a teaching position at Columbia University and was a higher education policy officer at the Ford Foundation in New York.

“Gregory Anderson’s combination of experience and vision has prepared him to lead Temple’s College of Education — a national leader in teaching and research — at a critical moment for education in the city, the state and the nation,” President Theobald said in a statement released by the university. “The College of Education’s future is bright, and its graduates have never been more in need.”

In April, Michael Klein, the interim dean at the College of Science and Technology was appointed to a permanent position. Joseph Lucia, formerly of Villanova University, was also announced as the head of University Libraries in April.

Searches remain in place for the heads of the School of Media and Communication and the College of Health Professions and Social Work.