Arrests made, no charges filed yet, in Friday’s assault cases

Five juveniles believed to be connected with Friday’s assault on a 19-year-old student and her 20-year-old boyfriend have been arrested according to the Philadelphia police.

The minors have not yet been charged and are awaiting a court hearing as of 4 p.m. Tuesday, police spokesman Lt. John Stanford said.

Three of the people arrested were 15 years old, one was 14 and another was 17, Stanford said.

The arrests came in the wake of surveillance footage released last night of four teenage females walking toward the 1700 block of Norris Street before the assault took place.

At 6 p.m., a female student and her boyfriend said they were attacked by a group of eight to 10 youths who appeared to between 13 to 14 years old. One of the attackers, a female, hit the 19-year-old victim in the face twice with a brick resulting in emergency oral surgery, a fractured jawbone and mild concussion.

Two other students reported similar attacks within a half-hour of the aforementioned assault by a group of juveniles ranging in the same size.

The couple assaulted with a brick called 911 en route to Hannehman University Hospital within 10 minutes of the attack while a second female attempted to report the attack to the 22nd Precinct police station on 17th Street and Montgomery Avenue but did not file an official report.

A third student waited until Sunday afternoon to speak to Temple police.

It is not clear whether all three attacks are related at this time.