News Flash: No Crime in North Philadelphia on Monday

No Crime

Well, sort of …

The daily crime report for Monday Feb. 11, compiled by Temple Police literally reads “No incidents reported during the period,” in big capital letters. That’s right, kids, no wallets stolen while left unattended in Paley, no car break-ins, no harassing messages on Facebook. Just another quiet day in the heart of North Philadelphia.

Right. As TTN reported in our Clery Act story, the crime report is not necessarily the be-all-end-all of North Philadelphia crime, unfortunately.

It’s okay. It’s a Monday, who wants to report crimes? Car window’s broken? Oh well, it can wait until Tuesday. Half the campus doesn’t go to class Mondays anyway, so a lack of reported crimes is somewhat acceptable … I guess. But the report usually has at least two reported crimes.

So laziness on a Monday is all good, but please report your crimes. Temple needs to keep its street cred.