Kardon residents evacuated after car fire

Just after 6 p.m., Wednesday, a car fire broke out in the basement parking area of the Kardon Atlantic Apartments on 10th Street.
An SUV belonging to Temple Facilities Management caught on fire in the basement and residents were evacuated, said Charlie Leone, acting executive director of Campus Safety Services.
Facilities operates several offices on the first floor of the building.
Firefighters controlled the blaze in less than an hour and residents were let back into the building around 7:30 p.m.
Students said they were shocked to see the response to the fire, which brought several fire trucks and filled the area of Berks Street under the SEPTA regional rail tracks with smoke.
“I didn’t come down at first, usually it is just a drill,” said Dave Toomey, a junior business major. “Then a cop came to my door so I came down.”
“I just heard the alarm and waited one minute” Margaret Thompson, a junior piano performance major, said. “It’s a bummer, I want to go home soon.”
Leone said there were no injuries in the incident, and the building did not sustain any damage. However, at least one firefighter on the scene was wheeled away in a stretcher receiving oxygen. He appeared to be alert and calm.