Temple a growing presence on Boardwalk Empire

For the second time in the first four episodes of its newest season, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire has crossed paths with North Broad Street.

Sunday night’s episode, “Acres of Diamonds” is a reference to founder Russell Conwell’s most famous speech. In the episode, Willie Thompson, who sang “Fight Temple, Fight!” in the season’s premier, listens to Conwell’s speech with a group of students in the university’s library.

At one point, a bored student standing in the back of the library with Willie disgruntedly refers the the university’s founder as “old man Conwell.”

After listening to the speech, Willie promisies to buy “booze” for a group of fraternity brothers who proceed to throw a party in the library basement. The scene ends with Willie and a girl being busted by other partygoers for hooking up within the library stacks.