Reports: Former volleyball player files suit against Temple

A former volleyball player has filed a federal lawsuit indicating that she was removed from the team and had her scholarship revoked after reporting to the school that her ex-boyfriend, a Temple football player, assaulted her, according to a report on

The article states that on Jan. 21, 2011, Emily Frazer was at a friend’s dormitory when her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Cerett, came into the dorm to speak with her. The suit states that Frazer ran to her room, where Cerett kicked the door in and threatened to kill her, according to

Temple suspended him until Aug. 29, 2011, but after Frazer pleaded for Cerett to be punished, she was taken off the volleyball team and had her scholarship revoked, according to the article. states that Frazer was able to get 50 percent of the scholarship, but wasn’t allowed to return to the team.

Cerett, a punter according to the 2010 roster, was not listed on the football team’s roster in 2011.

Frazer was a sophomore middle blocker for the Owls in 2011, according to the 2011 women’s volleyball roster.

Assistant Vice President for University Communications Ray Betzner said the university has no comment on the litigation.