Video of raucous arrest involving Temple police surfaces online

A video of a scuffle near 16th Street and Montgomery Avenue involving two Temple Police officers has surfaced online.

In the video, Temple officers are seen attempting to apprehend a male, as he fights them off and a few fellow onlookers attempt to assist him. The officers are taken to the ground as they attempt to arrest the specific male. One officer eventually draws a gun.

Nearing the end of the video, fellow bike officers arrive at the scene.

Details on the website suggest the the crowd surrounding the incident, and the male arrested, is of high school age.

Titled “North Philly Man Retaliates After Cops Put Hands On Him 1st After Being Bumped With A Cop Bike!? (Points His Gun At High School Students),” the video, uploaded today to, has already received more than 55,000 views, according to the website.

The Temple News is awaiting comment from Campus Safety Services regarding the details of the arrest and the uploading of the video.

[UPDATE 1/26 5:04 p.m.: The incident shown in the video occurred after the apprehended man, Rodney Ganbrell , 19, punched an officer in the face, police have said. Click here for the full story.]