Wali “Diop” Rahman visits Temple

On Tuesday, Nov. 1 mayoral independent candidate Wali “Diop” Rahman visited Temple’s campus giving a speech in a political communications class. Rahman spoke to the audience about his plans if elected as mayor, which include to replace the $1 billion budget of police containment with:

  • Jobs and businesses for working, poor people and the youth;
  • Establish city policy to prevent discrimination in employment against ex-felons;
  • Community controlled police with subpoena power and power to fire dirty cops; and
  • Fully funded, community controlled education and with power to hire and fire faculty, staff and administration.

Rahman noted that he never referred to himself as a politician, but rather a “freedom fighter.” His campaign slogan hails, “Run hard! It’s our city and we want it back now! He hopes to get the support of as many voters as possible for the upcoming election Nov. 8.

Also included on this year’s ballot for Philadelphia mayor is Democrat Micheal Nutter and Republican Karen Brown.

For information on Wali “Diop” Rahman refer to diop2011.com.

Kierra Bussey can be reached at kierrajb@temple.edu.