Temple’s turf fields are lead free

After the closing of some turf fields in New Jersey due to lead leaks, Temple News reporter Kathryn Lopez looked into whether or not Temple’s turf fields are safe. http://temple-news.com/2008/05/12/turf-fields-may-contain-lead-leaks/

In a letter to The Temple News, Craig Roncace said the fields at Temple are okay.

“I have been well aware of the recent news and have been researching this issue to find out whether or not Temple University’s synthetic turf sites are in fact safe,” said Roncace, the Sports Turf Manager at Temple. “Both our Sprinturf infill field at The Edberg Olson Football Facility and our Astroturf at Geasey Field are safe and lead free.”

The field at Edberg Olson Football Facility is not made up of nylon fibers like the tainted fields in New Jersey. It is made up of polyethylene fibers.

The practice football field was installed by Sprinturf. In a letter from Stanley Greene, the company’s CEO and president,  synthetic turf is safe for all people and for 40 years not one person has reported illness related to materials used in artificial turf.