Happy St. Patty’s Day, kids …


… and have fun paying your fines and/or doing hours upon hours of community service for alcohol violations.

A whopping nine violations appeared in the daily crime report this morning for the weekend following St. Patrick’s Day.

One student was busted March 21 for stealing bottles of beer from Maxi’s on the holiday. And you thought you got away with it! Not so, my friend. Those security cameras will get you every time.

Six students were caught over the weekend attempting to take various kinds of liquor and beer into residence halls.

And still two more got in trouble for drinking too much — one student was taken to Temple University Hospital for observation after “excessive consumption of alcohol,” as the crime report reads, and an underage female student was found passed out on a bathroom floor Saturday morning after what would appear to be a long night of drinking Friday night.

All nine (a semester record!) were referred to the University Disciplinary Committee. You know what that means. It’s time for hearings.

Welcome to the longest hangover of your lives.