Former spy speaks to college journalists


Valerie Plame Wilson, the outed CIA spy who is appealing a lawsuit against her former agency, spoke to aspiring journalists at the College Media Advisers conference in New York City.

Wilson said her outing as a spy was out of revenge for an op-ed piece her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, wrote in the New York Times.  The ambassador wrote the Bush administration exaggerated claims that Iraq was purchasing materials to make weapons of mass destruction to invade the country, five years ago today.

Because of this criticism, the Washington Post’s syndicated columnist Robert Novak revealed Plame’s real identity, she said.

She was promoting her new book, Fair Game, which was released in October 2007.

Plame attended Penn State University.  Her brother, a Marine who was injured in the Vietnam War, spent two years at Temple before finishing his degree at St. Joseph’s.

Photo by Anna Hyclak.