Live A-10 Championship Blog: First Half

Lady Comfort (Ron Davis)
Whoa, kids. Unfortunately, due to my lack of organization, I am just signing on to Broad & Cecil now at about 4:56 p.m. I guess this is what happens when you dream up ideas in the shower.

Alright, well, for better or for worse, we’re off. Unfortunately, I’ll be going back and forth between our Temple News conference room and our main room (where the computers are), so I’m going to be a little behind. Bear with me (I hope I used the right word, “bear” or is “bare”? … Someone please help. I’m an idiot.).

Also, feel free to play along and comment, if you wish. I could use the company.

OK, enough of this foreplay … Temple. Xavier. A-10 Championship Game … Go, go, live blog! (Make sure to keep pressing “refresh” for more snarky, dumbass comments!)

20:00 – Game underway. Temple’s wearing white and Xavier is not … It’s hard to do this when you’re not near a TV.

17:30 – Temple jumps out to a 5-0 lead; The ESPN announcers say that the Owls deserve a bid in the NCAA Tournament regardless of the outcome of this game … So that’s interesting, I guess … On an unrelated note, Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse looks even smaller on TV then in person.

About 15:05 – Junior forward Shanea Cotton scores to make it a 10-5 game, I think … Like I said, I can’t see the TV, so I have no idea … After much thought, we have come to the conclusion that Shanea Cotton could audition for the role of Rapunzel in a future blockbuster movie.

14:59 – Coming off a commercial/bathroom break, we see yet another shot of Dawn Staley. So the ESPN Staley count stands at about 4 now. Awesome.

12:17 – Xavier takes its first lead of the contest behind a three-pointer by some Muskateer. Hey, does anybody know why the Philadelphia Insurance Company logo is on the Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse floor? I was going to try and find a link to that company, but I’m too lazy and stupid to pull that off.

A little past 10 minute mark – Lindsay Kimmel fires up another three and finally connects to put Temple back on top, 14-12. She is now 1-for-5. The Starburst have kicked in, I guess.

7:44 – Score’s tied, 14-14, kids. And now, we get a Dairy Queen commercial for burgers. When I was a kid, back in the late 70s, DQ only served ice cream. Now they have burgers too, I guess. It’s only a matter of time before they combine the two – just like this delicioulsy deadly dish (Hey, that’s triple D’s … Woo! Let’s throw some D’s on this post!

6:49 – ESPN flashes the “Stat Track” on the screen to show that both teams are shooting the ball horribly. Temple is 4 for 17 from the field, while Xavier is 5 of 17. Ouch. Right after that, Ashley Morris throws up a brick that Jasmine Stone recovers and lays in. Temple’s up, 18-17, now.

5:12 – This has nothing to do with the game, but Assistant Sports Editor Melissa DiPento was gracious enough to get some Reese’s Pieces and I just ate like 500 in one handful. Sadly, this was one of the top experiences of my life up to this point.

2:35 – Running back and forth between the two rooms, I’ve missed a lot of important game stuff. Like the fact that Temple’s causing a lot of turnovers. Which is good … XU’s Amber Harris just hit a field goal to cut Temple’s lead to 22-21. Our ESPN announcers talk about the amount of Temple fans who are in attendance. One of the announcers says that St. Joe’s campus is known as the “suburbs” to Temple folk. While this exchange was going I realized that … I’m actually listening to the commentary … God, what happened to my life?

Still 2:35 – After throwing a frisbee near the sports desk, TTN Opinion Editor Christopher George Wink finds a print out of an old TTN layout with Lindsay Kimmel on it. I’m telling you this because this is an office no-no. We don’t waste paper in the office. I just want everyone to know that … But, don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy Lindsay and the rest of the Owls here at Room 243.

Halftime – After some more bricks, Temple goes into intermission with a 24-21 lead as ESPN gives us Dawn Staley Shot #72. This could potentially turn into a drinking game … ah-hem, that is, if you are of the legal drinking age. We don’t condone underage drinking at TTN. I think I’m going to go down a couple of asprins before the second half starts. If anyone wants to join, let me know.

OK, when I get done with that, I’ll put up a new post for the second half. So make sure you make your way over there. See you in a few kids.