Allied Barton Employees get paid sick days

Jobs with Justice and SLAP members at Tuesday's press conference on Liacourus Walk

Members of The Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising Campaign celebrated their labor victory in gaining up to three paid sick days for Temple security officers employed by AlliedBarton in a press conference held on Liacourus Walk at 4:00 p.m. today.

As the Temple News reported, members of the Student Labor Action Project had previously met with members of AlliedBarton and Temple administration, trying to get employees paid sick time. Temple originally decided not to get involved in the negotiations between AlliedBarton and its employees. Following Penn’s decision to provide guards with up to three sick days, Temple has decided to do the same.

Wes Weaver, a sophomore who serves as president of SLAP, said the organization has no future plans to negotiate with Temple and is looking forward to organizing negotiations with the AlliedBarton employees who work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.